Sarah Thanner

7th conference of the Section “Digitization in Everyday Life” of the German Association of Cultural Anthropology and Folklore Studies (dgv) on “Digital Truth-Making - Ethnographic Perspectives on Practices, Infrastructures and Affordances of Truth-Making in Digital Societies” at the Humboldt University of Berlin (Story Map)

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Rebecca Carlson, Ruth Dorothea Eggel, Lina Franken, Sarah Thanner, Libuše Hannah Vepřek

Kuckuck. Notizen zur Alltagskultur 1/2021: „Code“

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2021. Pop-Up Participatory Design Facilitates Outreach, User Research, and Ideation – Experiences From a Case Study. Submitted to: ACM DIS ’21: Designing Interactive Systems Conference, June 28–July 2, 2021. Sarah Thanner, Vitus Maierhöfer, Philipp Huber and Raphael Wimmer.

Talks, Presentations, etc.

2020. Augmented Realities put on the table: Ethnographic perspectives on the use and development of interactive tabletops. Online-Vortrag gehalten im Rahmen des Media & Digital Anthropology Lab (MeDiA Lab), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 27.05.2020. Sarah Thanner.

2019. Vortrag: Prekäres Essen auf smarten Tischen? Möglichkeiten und Herausforderungen digitaler Ernährungskommunikation aus kulturwissenschaftlicher Perspektive. Junges Forum Public Health and Nutrition, Hochschule Fulda, 21.11.2019. Sarah Thanner.